Life Partners

pexels-photo-70737.jpegIn 1988 I met my future husband. I had plenty of boyfriends before then and a lot of casual encounters. He had not ever been in any kind of relationship.

We met at a live venue and had mutual friends in common. He was an observant Jew and I was just starting to learn about being an observant Jew. Previously I was like a lot of other Jews, I was born Jewish but did not practice my faith.

We dated for a year and then got engaged. He postponed the wedding 7 weeks before the day. I had just received our invitations. We got married a year later. I should have called it off but I didn’t, because I was comfortable with him.

I married him, not out of love but more out of laziness. He didn’t irritate me and we could talk for ages on the phone. Previous boyfriends began to irritate me within a few weeks of our relationships.

We are still married but for me once again it is laziness that stops me leaving. I can’t be bothered. We don’t fight, he is very understanding about the fact that due to a medical condition we cannot have intercourse.

He loves me. I find him boring, irritating and sometimes annoying but I am lucky to have him, when I look at what other people have. I know how ungrateful I sound and I am about to sound like a spoiled brat. This is one of the reasons this blog is not linked in anyway to my and is being written under a pseudonym.

He was a very hands on father when the children were babies, he taxi’s  those that need it to all their social events, he gets up in the middle of the night to let out a pet making a noise, even though I am the one closest to the door and he uses an apnoea machine, which he has to remove to get up.

He is sometime thoughtless, like leaving the house without letting anyone know, or saying he is on his way only to stop off at his mother or someone else to do something for them.

He is kind to everyone and has difficulty saying no. He never complains about the food I have served or not.

He works two jobs to help make ends meet, while I work part time and try to build a business.

I can’t stand his chewing, his sniffing, his throat clearing, his sense of humor often leaves me baffled. He is slow and never on time.

He loves me and he loves our children and would do anything for us. I know I not likely to ever leave him and that makes me a spoiled brat and an ungrateful human being.

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