Life begins


Life began in 1967 when my parents *Emmanuel and *Ellen had me. We lived in an apartment in Johannesburg.

I remember my mother telling me that they weren’t sure if they had the money to bring me home from the maternity hospital and that my first bed was a dresser drawer. I then moved to a crib when they could afford one.

I was two when my brother *Martin was born. We had by then apparently moved to a larger apartment and my parents had also taken in a young teenage girl to foster her. (I am not sure how long she lived with us or why), I only know her name because my mother has spoken of her.

My bed was a blue lounger, which has been recovered since and is now in my sitting room.

Blue chaise
Image taken from Amazon

Around the time I was 5 my parents moved us to a house in the northern suburbs. It had a lot of windows, wooden ceilings, a large front yard and a pool in the back.

I was in nursery school in the area. The school is today still running and includes a primary school.

There is not too much to write about this as I don’t remember any of it, although we have plenty of pictures.

*Due to the nature of this blog and my alternate life all names of family and friends have been changed. Some of my pictures are from stock images. I credit all photograph and images to the photographer whose images I use in my blog.

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