I Hate Mothers Day!

art-statue-child-mother.jpgI Hate mothers day! I have now been a mother for 21 years and have yet to receive a mothers day card or gift.

I don’t expect a gift. Money is tight and gifts can be expensive. I would however, like someone to acknowledge the fact that it is mothers day.

There are so many ways to thank your mom on mothers day without it costing you money.

Hand made vouchers for a cup of tea/coffee, breakfast in bed, offering to cook or do a chore.

A handmade card with a message inside, would be appreciated. It’s not like there is no coloured papers or coloured pencils in my house, I still have 3 at school. We have computers, we have a printer. How hard could it be.pexels-photo-264902.jpeg

I have treated myself to a mothers day present, an expensive one! I have hired a business coach!

So today for mothers day, I am taking my mom out for coffee and she is taking me to clothes shopping as she has a credit at a store and she thinks I need new clothes.

My mother is an amazingly strong woman in her late 70’s who has just been made chairperson of the retirement village she lives in. She has been my support during a lot of turbulent times.

For mothers day today, I am going to the store to buy my groceries for the week. When I get home, I then get to cook lunch and then later dinner. I get to help my older daughter create her Facebook page for her new make up business and I get to help my foster daughter with her homework.

So now that my bitter rant is over, I hope all the moms out there get something nice for mothers day and have a fantastic day! Remember fathers day is next month!

How is mothers day acknowledged in your home?

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