A new home

I lived in our suburban home until I went away to college. My parents lived their for 45 years. They moved to a retirement village in 2012.

Not our real home, free image

We loved our home, when my parents sold we were all saddened. The house was an award winning architectural master piece for the 60’s.

The home was and average home for the area. It was 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge, dinning room and kitchen. My father converted the garage into his home office.

There was plenty of space for us to ride our bikes, the garden to play in and the enormous pool to swim in.

I had friend who lived within walking distance. The convenience store was down the street. I cannot remember if it was always a 24 hour convenience store or if that came later.

It was nothing to walk to the local store to buy sweets with my friends.

My brother and his best friend built a small house in a stand of trees on the property that stood until we were all adults.

I left from the front door on my wedding day and my children had every birthday there until my parents moved.

That house ruined me for all others, for although I like the home we live in now, I still find it very dark.

I still miss that house.

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